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Application Boot Camp September 11th/12th

The College Application Camp is an intensive camp of preparation, organization, and writing of the essays for the UC and Common App applications and essays.

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Testimonial: "The College Application Camp was a fantastic experience! It was well planned with straightforward preparatory work that made the process of writing my essays go smoothly. Additionally, the work on the college list writing and resume writing was well structured and came with ample information."
— Gunn High School, Tanvi, 2020

Limited availability. Please enroll soon.

We Bring A Method

Applying to college is straightforward, yet highly involved and time sensitive. You have one shot to get the process right. Our method ensures that you plan ahead and give yourself a long runway to explore, test, and refine your experiences.

We Help You Stand Out

Admissions offices are flooded with the applications of hardworking, tenacious students. This doesn’t mean that you have to climb Kilimanjaro. It does mean that you need to illustrate an authentic sense of your own character and personal commitments. Our team guides you to go deep into your interests, inspiring yourself and others. When it comes time to write essays, one of our creative writing advisors will propel you to capture your unique experiences in your own voice.

We Monitor College Expectations

At Fahey Associates, we invest time in monitoring the academic world trends. With this research, we can then offer our students a definition and train them to gain experience and strengthen their communication skills in accordance with the evolving educational environment.

We see the preparation of college admission applications as a first step into the state of autonomy that students will quickly experience once they arrive on campus. We prime students to take this first step by guiding them to understand the deep end of their intellectual, artistic and athletic experiences. We also ask them to act independently while offering them the critical information they need to make careful, thoughtful choices. We work with all students: high achieving students of all disciplines, athletes, artists and students who have faced medical and learning challenges. In our effort to make college more accessible, we donate our expertise and time to public high schools and underserved student groups.

Our Comprehensive Process

Our caring, structured process inspires students to actualize their potential and develop distinctive qualities that will bring their applications to life.

prior to sophomore year
sophomore-senior years
sophomore-senior years
Jun-Nov of senior year
Aug-Nov Sr. Y.

We want you to maximize every opportunity to feel confident and flourish during your high school years. We consider this the best preparation for college admissions. Our services begin with our Starter Plan which consists of four steps: You complete evaluative forms and prepare a dossier of materials for our assessment. We review your materials. We then gather for a two-hour appointment to address your questions and review our evaluation. After the meeting, we present you with our concluding report and recommendations, including a detailed strategy for progressing through the high school years.

In their college applications, students indicate what majors they plan to explore. These major selections should align with the students’ course selection and their resume of extracurricular activities. We prepare our students to develop their extracurriculars, investigate majors, and comprehend the relationship between their college study and the vast field of careers.

Some colleges require or recommend interviews. Our personalized process builds students’ confidence and prepares them to interview in person, online, or by video to college representatives, professors, and alumni.

The essay writing process begins in June after the junior year and comprises the most laborious work in the college application process. We will pair you with one of our writing advisors to compose compelling and authentic personal narratives that capture your voice.

In August prior to the senior year, the college application process goes live. At this time, Fahey Associates ensure that applications are accurate and submitted in a timely manner.

College List

It is our mission to match students with colleges that are a social, academic and financial fit. We share our curated list of favorite schools that we have found offer a valuable, meaningful and safe college experience

Resume & Portfolio

Resumes and portfolios are often required admission items, especially for students who are pursuing creative or technical majors. Additionally, providing a supplement arts application can improve a student’s admission chances. Our creative team helps students to prepare resumes and online portfolios.

Summer Plans

The summer is a great time for students to explore their interests and skills through research, coursework, internships, paid work, or volunteering. Our students pursue serious summer offerings and dive into “organic” self-designed projects.

Our Workshops and Clubs

Tailored for challenging times, this club brings students together to connect, set and meet goals, and learn how to master their minds for greater focus and wellbeing.

This intensive camp guides you to prepare, organize, and write essays for the University of California and Common App applications.

This workshop plunges you into the essay writing process. We guide you to brainstorm topics and generate outlines for the Common App Personal Statement and UC Personal Insight questions.

Who We Are

With more than 24 years of experience working in the academic realm and the college admission process, Fahey Associates offers a solid bridge between students, their potential, and schools’ developing expectations.

Felicia Fahey, Ph.D. (Founder) · Felicia completed her bachelor’s degree at UC Berkeley and her doctorate degree at UC Santa Cruz. She is the author of The Will to Heal and numerous academic articles. Her academic experience spans both public and private, including the Little Ivy League, faith-affiliated colleges and educational institutions worldwide.

Jill Reyna-Jones (Partner) · Jill holds a BA from UC Berkeley. She brings over 15 years of experience in communications, marketing, and content development for National Geographic, medical research institutions, museums, startups, and educational organizations.

Felicia Fahey and Jill Reyna-Jones

As a member of The National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC), Fahey Associates abide by its Code of Ethics and Professional Practices (ECPP · PDF).

Our Creativity: Writing Advisors

In our many years of advising Fahey Associates has observed that the majority of students are lacking the skills to elaborate a compelling narrative about their own person. With an average of 30 personal statements to write, students entering the application process must quickly learn how to write about themselves. To handle this challenge we've enrolled talented creative writers to be by your side as you learn the delicate process of self-reflective essay writing.

Meg Levad received her BA in English from The University of Iowa, then earned her MFA in poetry at the University of Michigan. The author of Why We Live in the Dark Ages and What Have I to Say to You, her poems and essays have appeared in Boston Review, Granta Online, Poem-a-Day, and Tin House, among other places. She is currently at work on a book about rural America in 1987, for which she was awarded a Summer 2017 MacDowell Colony Fellowship

Stephanie Soileau has a BA in English from the University of Chicago and an MFA in fiction writing from the Iowa Writers' Workshop. Her work has appeared in Glimmer Train, Oxford American, Ecotone, Tin House, New Stories from the South, and other journals and anthologies, and has been supported by fellowships from Stanford University, where she was a Truman Capote Fellow in the Wallace Stegner Fellowship Program, the Camargo Foundation, the National Endowment for the Arts, and the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown.

Vivienne has been a professional writer and actress for twenty years. She has worked in television, film and the theatre, touring through Asia, Europe, and the U.S. A graduate of the highly regarded acting school, Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, she now lives in Los Angeles. Her latest play, This is Where We Live, won The Griffin Theatre Award and had a full season at the Griffin Theatre, Hothouse Theatre, South Australian Theatre Company and has since been performed in Toronto, New York and at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Laura Eve Engel received a BA in English from the University of Virginia and an MFA in poetry from the University of Houston. She is the author of Things That Go (Octopus Books, 2019), and her work can be found in The Nation, Best American Poetry, Boston Review, PEN America, Tin House and elsewhere. For ten years, she worked with high-school-age creative writers and new teachers at the University of Virginia’s Young Writers Workshop, where she served as Residential Program Director from 2012 to 2017.

Note Addressed to Foreign Families:

New immigrant families may find the US academic system daunting. As a globally-fluent team, we work with students from all parts of the world, whether they are living in the United States or abroad. This year Fahey Associates is working with students from China, India, Ecuador, England, Spain, and Germany.

也许新移民家庭会发现美国的教育体系令人生畏。无论您身在美国国内还是国外,作为一支国际团队,我们都将协助您和来自世界各地的学生们深造。今年,Fahey Associates 斐弈协会就正一直在辅导来自中国、英国、西班牙、德国、印度和厄瓜多尔的学生们。

Las nuevas familias inmigrantes pueden encontrar el sistema académico de los Estados Unidos de una manera abrumadora. Como equipo con fluidez global, trabajamos con estudiantes de todas partes del mundo, ya sea que vivan en los Estados Unidos o en el extranjero. Este año, Fahey Associates está trabajando con estudiantes de China, India, Ecuador, Inglaterra, España y Alemania.

Neue Einwandererfamilien könnten das US-amerikanische akademische System als entmutigend empfinden. Als global fließendes Team arbeiten wir mit Studenten aus allen Teilen der Welt zusammen, unabhängig davon, ob sie in den USA oder im Ausland leben. In diesem Jahr arbeitet Fahey Associates mit Studenten aus China, Indien, Ecuador, England, Spanien und Deutschland zusammen.

Les familles Française fraichement installées aux US peuvent trouver le fonctionnement du monde universitaire américain un rien exotique. Nous sommes une équipe aguerrie à l'accompagnement de ces changement de repères.
Nous travaillons avec des familles et des étudiants qui habitent près ou loin de chez eux. Cette année, Fahey Associates travaille avec des étudiants de Chine, d'Inde, d'Équateur, d'Angleterre et d'Allemagne. Inversement nous préparons nos étudiants américains à postuler pour les écoles françaises (ex: Sciences Po cette année).

नए आप्रवासी परिवारों को अमेरिकी शैक्षणिक व्यवस्था कठिन लग सकती है। विश्व स्तर पर धाराप्रवाह टीम के रूप में, हम दुनिया के सभी हिस्सों के छात्रों के साथ काम करते हैं, चाहे वे संयुक्त राज्य अमेरिका में रह रहे हों या विदेश में। इस साल फही एसोसिएट्स चीन, भारत, इक्वाडोर, इंग्लैंड, स्पेन और जर्मनी के छात्रों के साथ काम कर रहा है।

Happy Customers

“Fahey Associates have far surpassed my high expectations. They tune into the student, and the family dynamics so that they can effectively work with both student and parents in a positive way. They have expanded our horizons as to possible colleges, and motivated everyone.”

Carol Danaher Sebastopol High School

“Fahey Associates were very positive and supportive to our children, and clear to them about the strengths and weaknesses of their writing. They reminded them to make every word count. We were impressed at their prompt, sensitive responses to their essays, and how they were able to sharpen their work to reflect their individual spirits.”

Doug and Kristina Palo Alto High School

“The people at Fahey Associates were excellent guides through the entire college admissions process; having their help drastically reduced the stress and uncertainty of it all. Above all they understand our son's ambitions, interests, strengths and weaknesses. supporting him to come up with a college list and ideas for writing essays and adapting them for each school. We couldn’t be happier with their support.”

Janet S Mountain View High School

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